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Message From The Reeve - 2017

On behalf of Council, I am pleased to provide you with the highlights of the MD of Wainwright’s operations for the 2017 fiscal year.

In 2017, our construction crew improved approximately 9.5 miles of road. Most of this work was completed in Division 2 along our south boundary as well as some smaller roads in the Wainwright area. Our construction crew focused a significant amount of time on reclamation of our gravel pits, which was necessary to meet obligations under our environmental permits. In addition, we added 12 more miles of the cement base stabilization to our key local road network, making a total of 79 miles of cement within the municipality. This type of road has proven to provide a good, durable and mostly ban-free road that is standing the test of time by requiring little to no maintenance as compared to oiled roads. Testing something new in 2017, the MD completed 5 miles of road stabilization using a product called Gravelock. This product acts as a surface stabilizer and provides dust control for the road. We will monitor its performance throughout 2018.

The MD utilized $2.58 million of its Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding from the provincial government towards its paving project. The remainder of the MSI grant helped fund the fire departments and recreation operations within the municipality in the amount of $219,411.
We completed approximately 3 miles of road re-oiling in 2017. We now have less oiled roads in our municipality, as cement has replaced many of our busiest oiled roads. At the completion of 2017, oiled roads in the municipality totaled 47 miles, which is a reduction of 41 miles since 2010. This results in a cost savings of approximately $600,000 for oiled road maintenance over a two-year period.

Regular road maintenance continued as usual, with nearly 144,000 metric tonnes of gravel applied to our gravel roads. We use both private and MD trucks to haul and spread the gravel. We are maintaining our grader fleet at seven graders, with one additional grader being used to supplement other graders where it is needed. This additional grader was busy reclaiming our gravel road tops when it was available. Also, to maintain our stockpiles of gravel, we hired a private contractor to crush 151,850 metric tonnes of gravel. We continue to work towards finding new sources of gravel for crushing to ensure our future gravel maintenance needs are met.

The MD Administration team worked hard in planning and organizing these projects to ensure that they were successful. On behalf of Council, I would like to thank them for their dedication to the MD over the course of the year.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Council, Administration and all MD employees for their continued support throughout this last year.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Barss, Reeve