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Approach Agreement Regulations

Pre-construction and post-construction inspections shall be carried out by the municipality’s Director of Transportation or the Safety and Utilities Manager. The operator shall give the municipality at least 48 hours advanced notification of the start and completion of the project. The Director of Transportation or the Safety and Utilities Manager may require a site meeting with the owner/contractor – if required; a mutual time shall be arranged for a joint inspection of the project.

All approaches are considered to be temporary.

All approach proposals are to have permission before construction.

The owner/developer shall clearly identify the proposed location of the new approach using stakes and survey/marker tape.

The approach shall have the best possible acceptable sight lines as determined by the Director of Transportation or the Safety and Utilities Manager.

On a developed road, an approach shall have a culvert with sloped ends, approach side slopes at 5:1 according to the M.D. of Wainwright No. 61 specifications.

Culverts required to be supplied by the M.D.

The approach is to be well gravelled with crushed rock unless otherwise stated.

No materials for the approach shall be used from the ditch. Top soil shall be stripped before material is used for an approach.

No approach to be constructed within 300 metres of an existing approach on the same side of the roadway.

The approach owner or contractor shall comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations and legislation.

All heavy oil field construction equipment (pipeline, roadways and lease preparation and reclamation equipment) shall be steam cleaned by the owner/operator prior to entering our municipality in order to assist in the control of the spread of noxious weeds, and pests as defined in the Agricultural Pests Act.

The Safety & Utilities Manager or Director of Transportation must inspect and issue approvals.